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Can I sell my house if it needs work?

Posted: February 18, 2020 by Karen A. Johnson

For one reason or another you need to sell your house NOW and all those projects you have been putting off will just never get done. What can you do when your home needs work or is dated or even just not-trendy?

  1. 1.    Call your agent. Your home might not be as bad as you think! Or if it really is “that house”; the one with the dead grass or the beat up wood flooring or the original kitchen your agent can talk through some strategies. She may tell you that you shouldn’t touch a thing – but in that event she will most likely tell you the price needs to reflect the condition. It definitely does NOT mean that your house won’t sell but it might mean that yours will sell for less than the market price in your neighborhood.
  1. 2.     Clean. Or call a cleaner. Susette Dubin, the best local professional cleaner with more than 20 years experience, says that giving your home a professional scrubbing may not fix your problems, but it will give prospective Buyers the sense that you have taken good care of your home. (call me for Susette's contact info!)
  1. 3.    Powerwash the exterior and the sidewalk. If you can’t paint it than having it be clean will definitely help the curb appeal.
  1. 4.    Replace the dead plants. Speaking of curb appeal nothing says: “I give up” more than dead plants.
  1. 5.   Start packing. You are moving anyway – it’s time to get rid of the clutter.
  1. 6.    Do what you can. Can you replace the stained old carpets or, if not all the carpets, at least the worst one(s)? Can you paint the dark purple bedroom? Can you replace the broken drawer pulls in the kitchen? Something as simple as caulking the tubs and shower makes a big difference. Every little bit helps.
  1. 7.   Throw out furniture that is in really bad shape. Especially in an estate situation; vacant is better than worn out. And remember: You need to clear out the house anyway so better before you put it on the market!

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